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from the Master and Margarita

walk as you breathed last night

(too heavy for a girl your size)

like dew like zest like love

grown weary of the waiting


in moon-flooded waters-

you wait

for another mercurial noon

in another’s malarial gaze

with the mind of a child who likes

to dream of the master’s return

Azazello speaks:

rest gently in some ablution

in swollen streams

the satyrs forsook

and write an indictment of him

the professor will see you in moscow!

livid cerise,

infernal delight,

satan’s rout is a pleasing thing

you’re stark naked

you’re up soaring

your knees are blue

(kissed by complacent lips)

and joy reigns, untrammeled

by sights of half decaying meat

you’d do anything for him

margarita, margarita, Margarita!

the resurrection of valor

(evil brews evil, so we can learn to love

like you)

& heaven is no place for the brave...

Sichen Li is a current high-school junior. In her free time, she enjoys reading literature, writing poetry, exploring philosophy, and taking photos on her analog camera. Her favorite book is the Master and Margarita, and she aspires to be an author someday.

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