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the day the packages came


we emptied the trunk to collect your things

on the day the packages came

shipped as you dwelt

then delivered and cards dealt

intention hemmed into a button-up

in mints for the coffee table

on the sole of new shoes for my graduation

laced into unopened once-a-day vitamins

well, i wonder what they said to you

when they came to collect your soul

if it were an angel already laden with lives lost

or a rogue disciple on a heist

do they know what they’ve disrupted?

my beautiful pearl

but motherly oyster

i don’t know if you even wanted tomorrow

Ming has been an avid consumer of poetry and prose since she was in middle school, and she has turned to pen and paper as a resolve to articulate her experiences. She believes that journaling, recording, and capturing the essence of moments is essential to understanding who we are and how our perception develops as we grow as people. Her mission is to practice the art of poems so she can to artfully and correctly express on behalf of those who cannot.

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