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Editors' Note


Foredges are the vertical edges of a book directly opposite the spine. Each page is essential to the existence of the foredge. We looked at it as a metaphor for cohesion and unity—the bigger picture created by a collection of diverse voices. Indeed, some artists use the foredge as a medium to paint their ideas. This is the message we are sending: our pages and our words are our mediums, and, disparate as they may be, they come together to form an identity.

We would like to thank Iris Chen, Claire Hong, Jessica Hsu, Carly Kiang, Nicole Li, Carlos Lao, and Annie Qiu for their contributions to The Foredge Review. Their voices fuse into a collection unified by shared passion for the arts. They understand that, though the knowledge we glean from the arts seems secondary, it is powerful in the way it shapes our thinking. No, we can't send people out to the stars with poetry, but it is that imagination that first made us point to the sky and find gods in planets.

The fascination the writer finds in the obscene and the beautiful, in equal parts, is the same elegance an entomologist sees in the plain thorax of a ground beetle. We hope that you find that this first issue of The Foredge Review captures such a sentiment. We selected each poem, each short story, and each artwork provocative for their execution and technique. The writers and artists published may be young, but their age is by no means indicative of their skill. In fact, perhaps their youth lends them an otherwise inaccessible perspective, something fleeting like the name of a colour you once loved as a child.

With this in mind, we take great pride in presenting you with The Foredge Review.

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in this magazine. In particular, we would like to acknowledge Barbara Boyer for her guidance and continued support through the creation of The Foredge Review.

Happy Reading!


Claire Lu and Gabrielle Zhu

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