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Words have never satiated me

so I tear the pages out of the thesaurus

I let the synonyms synergize my sins

and the antonyms antagonize my anomalies

And at night I crawl under the covers

and the words crawl under my corium

they settle in the crevices of my flesh

and inhabit my integument

the words lying under my face

bring out the under lying fears I can’t face

the bile rises in my throat

and foggy memories rise in my mind

As a toddler I’d hold my father’s hand

when I was scared of

the monster hiding under my bed

As a child I’d hold myself

when I was hiding under the bed

scared of my father’s hand

I rack the medicine cabinet

and search the racks for

allergy pills to free up my chest

and for sleeping pills

to free up my mind

and so then I do not eat because

    my friends do not eat because

        pretty girls do not eat because

                   to be skinny is to be pretty

                             your stomach should be full of air

                                    but my stomach is full of words

into my system they have found a way

and as much as I try

                                              i cannot digest what you say.

Nikhita Makam, author of '14 works by a 14 year old', calls herself a 'high school student by day, programming poet by night'. She believes that poetry has power, something that her mother taught her. She finds happiness in reading, writing, gardening, octopuses, and wondering about ladybugs. She tries her best to maintain a balance between all of her hobbies, school and the common dreaded enemy to all high school students- homework.

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