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Editors' Note


As the pandemic has ushered in a new normal, we're constantly reminded that we are creatures of habit. Even in the extraordinary, we find ourselves settling into routine, taking solace in the comfort that there will always be coffee to wake up to and actions that are preordained.

Recently, though, we've been shaken from our habits. We find ourselves waking up to a deluge of new alarming headlines, and there's a new worry to tack onto our every-growing list with every news cycle. The wave of violence in our neighborhoods has gripped the world, and anti-asian sentiment roils.

Still, all too often, we're locked in an academic standstill, too busy debating in theories and conjecture. Yesterday's tragedy becomes a footnote in our essay or the case study we cite as evidence. As the news becomes more overwhelming and personal, perhaps it's easier, simpler, to engage in hypotheticals.

But if this is how we feel, if we get lost wondering about the grand scheme of things, at what point does the shocking no longer shock? Perhaps the shock will become absorbed into our daily routines — hearing about the latest tragedy will become as mundane as coffee in the morning.

We find reassurance in Issue Three. These writers and artists remind us that everything is remarkable. They tell us to stop taking things in stride, to turn off autopilot, to take an introspective look and then cast that judgement at the world around us.

We are proud to grant you a glimpse into the thoughts of Aditi Raju, Alicia Hsu, Arden Yum, Ayshe-Mira Yashin, Claire Kim, Cloris Shi, Isabella Melians, Matthew Hsu, Nikhita Makam, Rachel Hsu, Zoya Yan, Catherine Xie, Lydia Bae, and Yeji Kim. Take inspiration from the way they brazenly confront issues close to home, questioning everything and refusing to take anything for granted. These are harrowing, winding journeys, and we're honored to share them with you.

So if you've been worrying, as we have, about being too tired to worry, we invite you to experience Issue Three with us. To let rage, uncertainty, love consume you, if even for a second, and disengage from the day-to-day.

Because as Issue Three reminds us, lives — and living — are anything but mundane.

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