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Open Child's Pose


never did I show you the lemons and figs

blooming on the branches of the trees that were planted  in the corners of my Nicosia Garden, that were watered  by my dead grandmother, or slice them for us

into two segments each

never did I leave you with forehead kisses

and with lavender buds underneath your pillow and with almond milk and honey on your nightstand  and (crouching by my dead grandmother’s bed)  sing to you noumi noumi ni

and never did I trace the Lefke meadows

or the Athalassa willow trees, with my hands across your back up until you fell asleep, just before I left

so I’ll see you when I’m stoned and in

my dead grandmother’s bed

you placed the needle there mid-stitch

just before you left

you gave me a terracotta pot

and seeds for me to sow

but when you’re not here

they never grow

I’ll see you when I’m dreaming

on my dead grandmother’s bed

our three pink candles melted out

just before you left

I extended my legs out to you

open child’s pose

I never left,

they never closed

Ayshe-Mira Yashin is a lesbian artist and poetess from Istanbul, Turkey, and Nicosia, Cyprus, currently based in Cambridge, England, and planning on studying art in London in the autumn. Her poetry explores her intersectional and hybrid identity as a Middle-Eastern lesbian of Jewish and Muslim heritage (and a practitioner of eclectic pagan witchcraft). Her written work is riddled with metaphors connoting pagan herbal correspondences, and is largely intertwined with her visual art practice, where she makes feminist sapphic illustrations and herbal collages. She is currently working on her first self-published illustrated poetry collection, which will be sold on her shop ( where she also sells handmade bookmarks, necklaces, stickers, zines, art prints, handmade notebooks, and her Sapphic Enchantress tarot deck. Follow her on Instagram @illustrationwitch to stay in tune with her art and poetry!

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