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It Rained & I Thought of You


i dreamt you encased in a tomb 

of needles; no face, just your black teeth

             glimmering at the caterpillars nestled in your

collarbone. in the dark, i memorized 

your grin & i woke up screaming

             into the chest of the man on the moon. he

tells me to bleed into his palm &
i wonder why my coccyx bone still

             hangs around your neck. i braid your

breath into licorice as he rubs his 

lips along my back, teeth catching

             in the slit shaped hole waiting for your

dagger to fill it. his shoulder tastes like 

rain & dark chocolate; then

             metal, when i find a key lodged 

             between his front teeth. the coccyx

bone is nearly impossible to 

identify & there are bruises on my

             thighs from where his body doesn’t fit mine.

I am a 17 year old Canadian-American-Chinese high school junior, a lover of dog memes & an amateur singer. My mind churns on fluttering bits of poetry & prose, forever searching for a permanence within my words. The road to immortality still stretches before me, but I'm pleased to have finally started the journey.

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