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Juicebox Eulogy


The eye contact you make with the stranger across the sandbox in flames strikes the lightning left behind by electric recollections
of when capital punishment seemed necessary and proper for the first time in your life
of when marble bathroom stalls are a reminder of your two PM aka the mega-religion of professional success
of when Plath’s paper roses litter your prom dance until you are swimming in her catharsis, indefinitely
of when the word winter sounds a lot like the empty cavern dealt by your imaginary ex-lover, your arch nemesis, your President
of when no matter where you go, the ends of this world are laid out for you in solitary confinement and cursive letters
of when you learned that desires, so supple, so alluring, were peaches you tucked under your bed in the sweltering love-laced heat
of when you broke your own god damned overgrown heart the night you began unlocking its chambers

Celine Choi is a high school junior attending A&M Consolidated High School. She often contemplates feminist issues, the fictional characters in the latest book she is reading, or the Purpose of Life™. Occasionally, her daydreaming becomes a poem, and some of these poems can be found in Crashtest Literary Magazine, Eunoia Review, and the Live Poets’ Society amongst others. When not daydreaming or writing poetry, she spends her time fueling her dependence on energy drinks and playing the viola.

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