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yesterday the mirror cracked & frozen 

fractures blossomed against my reflection

             while my face shifted like 

             waves rippling along the shore

                          of the vast lake where, last 

                          week, i killed a little girl

last night i stared into the cracks & 

found an empty spiderweb

             stretched across my reflection & 

             suddenly i was the spider spinning

                          a beautiful trap as each of my 

                          eight limbs begged you to stay

when my reflection finally bursts 

against the seams, i will find a

             pile of blackened organs strewn 

             across the greasy floor &

                          search for the gaping hole 

                          to a world of never-beens.

I am a 17 year old Canadian-American-Chinese high school junior, a lover of dog memes & an amateur singer. My mind churns on fluttering bits of poetry & prose, forever searching for a permanence within my words. The road to immortality still stretches before me, but I'm pleased to have finally started the journey.

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