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The Not-So-Little Mermaid (She Haunts Me, She is Me)


she chokes,


there is Human mold encroaching inside

from under the bath faucet


asphyxiation is close when Bloodlines are lost

to fighting water


which on all accounts of the

Sciences and Mathematics

should have dissolved as seafoam years ago


instead, let me introduce myself,

it is who I am, problematically, prophetically, the Ocean consumes all


the sirens stopped singing so long ago


how could they ever have



my brain is

Drowning                              and                   Burning

all at once


i refuse to Eat





my Pathetic bones which stopped existing Tuesday (and Thursday) night

                                       Binge on Worthlessness



to that pantry light glare

smoothing your slick Prison Body


smile for me beautiful (more like carcass)

a filet mignon


delicious, delectable, life’s Purpose


tether your maternal maturing full body

to Time’s chains around your

Achilles Heels


Destruction’s Eden as in post-bath

you left an ocean of feeling okay,

of feeling Pretty

with Hunger


how Dare you,

the dishes piling around are

your life long Best Friends


you Ate them


crushed the gears of love’s biological clock


the tick- the strum- the singular hummingbird in the Panic closet heart of yours


replaced by the menstrual cycle a half-year in the making

it is a sign



i’ll hold you close in a deathly embrace if you never come back,

Little Mermaid


there is mold

Celine Choi is a high school junior attending A&M Consolidated High School. She often contemplates feminist issues, the fictional characters in the latest book she is reading, or the Purpose of Life™. Occasionally, her daydreaming becomes a poem, and some of these poems can be found in Crashtest Literary Magazine, Eunoia Review, and the Live Poets’ Society amongst others. When not daydreaming or writing poetry, she spends her time fueling her dependence on energy drinks and playing the viola.

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