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to the Man on the Moon


i want to fingerprint my bloodstained 

hands on your cheek

brushstrokes of red: bleeding

but never bruising, a blooming sunset 

painted in your left dimple

             smile for me
as i brand a curved dagger into her 

left thigh, chanting ‘i am god’ because 

when i can’t have you, i can have


build me a bridge across the dark & 

cast your light into crimson that gushes

from her lifeless body

             to be with you, i must drown
a god & be shaken awake by a pathetic 

little boy.

I am a 17 year old Canadian-American-Chinese high school junior, a lover of dog memes & an amateur singer. My mind churns on fluttering bits of poetry & prose, forever searching for a permanence within my words. The road to immortality still stretches before me, but I'm pleased to have finally started the journey.

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