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Chiascuros In Highway Forests


The forest has yielded miles of exactly opposite to where we are supposed to be, with the
caveat that the trees in the forest are collapsing, and eyes have bored through the gaps.

I have a gut suspicion that tongues curled whispering pretty
yews, oaks, and pines are what is human in us talking. Quick,

a planet with just us cannot be fathomed not unlike the
unfathomed nature of humans to change. After all,

anatomy of trees is just as immutable as
neurocircuitry. So, when highway forests

come to dust, I too come to dust as dust
as dust.

Celine Choi is a high school junior attending A&M Consolidated High School. She often contemplates feminist issues, the fictional characters in the latest book she is reading, or the Purpose of Life™. Occasionally, her daydreaming becomes a poem, and some of these poems can be found in Crashtest Literary Magazine, Eunoia Review, and the Live Poets’ Society amongst others. When not daydreaming or writing poetry, she spends her time fueling her dependence on energy drinks and playing the viola.

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